• This is one of the most powerful Level 4 monsters, and out of all the Level 4 monsters with ATK higher than 2000, it's one of the only ones that doesn't directly disadvantage the user or make itself useless for prolonged offensive action (like destroying itself or being stuck in Defense Position). Your opponent will be drawing extra cards, but since this card is as strong as most Level 6 monsters, they'll be hard-pressed to get something out fast enough to counter this card.
  • "Skill Drain" can be used to negate "Chainsaw Insect's" Effect of allowing your opponent drawing each time it attacks or is attacked
  • Use "Greed" to inflict 500 damage to your opponent every turn this card battles.
  • Combine this card with "Gaia Power", making "Chainsaw Insect" a 2900 4-star attacker.
  • By using "Rope of Life" when this monster is destroyed, you turn "Chainsaw Insect" into a Level 4 3200 ATK beatstick.
  • Use "Robbin' Zombie" to mill your opponent even more every time this card attacks.
  • Combine this card with "Silent Magician LV4" to quickly get Spell Counters. Every attack will increase "Silent Magician LV4's" ATK by 500. This leaves "Silent Magician LV4's" ATK at 2000 after its first turn on the field.
  • In addition to "Chainsaw Insect" attacking a few times, use "Des Koala's" effect to deal damage to your opponent and make up for giving your opponent cards.
  • Use this card against an Infernity deck by keeping the opponent's hand full.

Traditional Format

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