• This card can be used effectively in a "Scrap" deck, as many cards in the archetype destroy themselves.
  • This card can be used effectively in a "Yubel" deck, as "Yubel" must be destroyed in order to summon stronger forms. It can also be activated should "Yubel" destroy itself.
  • This card works well in Gemini decks, which tend to have an easy time destroying monsters, but have some trouble with Spell and Trap destruction.
  • You can select any Spell or Trap on the field, even your own. This is useful if your opponent only has one card you want to destroy, because you can target a card you control.
  • This card can be used effectively in an "Artifact" deck.
    • Activate this card after the effects of "Artifact Beagalltach", "Artifact Ignition", or any other card effect that destroys Monsters or Spell/Trap cards on the field. Can also be used to destroy your own "Artifact" cards while they are set in the Spell/Trap Card Zone.

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