• This card is highly effective in a Gladiator Beast deck, as this deck can trigger lots of Chains.
  • When you activate "Chain Strike" at the end of a long chain, activate another to inflict even more damage. This is allowed because only one "Chain Strike" is on the chain at the time of the second activation.
  • Use cards that can be chained to almost all, if not all "chainable" cards, like "Waboku", "Threatening Roar" (keep in mind that the "Threatening Roar" card only be activated during your opponent's turn, because it is impossible for your opponent to attack during your turn, and therefore, the activation requirements are not met if activated during its controller's turn), ATK/DEF increasing/decreasing cards like "Rush Recklessly", "Reinforcements", "Castle Walls", etc. (keep in mind that these kind of cards require a "targetable" face-up monster), and other chain-link-activated cards.
  • Use "Black Garden", since it provides you with an easy Chain Link during your opponent`s turn if they summon a monster. And since Chain Strike burn decks tend to run few monsters themselves, they can profit from the added defense the tokens summoned to your side of the field provide.

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