• If you're going to activate this card, wait until after you've played all of the cards you needed for your turn. Otherwise you're just wasting your own Life Points.
  • The effect of this card stacks; by playing multiples of this card, each player will be forced to pay up to 1500 Life Points per card.
    • If you wish to activate more than one at once, make sure to Set the first (and/or second) before activating all of them, saving you from taking 1000 damage.
  • Use this card with "Life Absorbing Machine" to give yourself an advantage; you'll effectively only be paying 250 Life Points per card, but your opponent will pay the full amount. If you use "Fire Princess" as well, you can cause your opponent a lot of damage.
  • When all else fails, you can use cards with powerful recurring healing effects, such as Psychic-Type Synchro Monsters such as "Magical Android" or "Thought Ruler Archfiend" to make up for the loss in Life Points, while your opponent keeps losing theirs.
  • Use "Alector, Sovereign of Birds" to negate this card's effect during your own turn--it will be back in force during your opponent's.
  • You could potentially combine several copies of this card with "Queen of Thorns" to increase the damage done to your opponent and restrict its hand plays when its Life Points have been severely reduced.
  • Note that this card's effect only prohibits you from summoning or setting cards from your hand. Use toolbox monsters such as Nimble Momonga or Mystic Tomato to summon monsters safely from your deck.

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