• Using this card as Xyz material will not banish it after it is summoned. As long as you have two Beasts, a detached "Chain Dog" may be immediately re-summoned.
  • You can use this card in Ojama decks.
  • You can special summon this card in a Scrap deck. Use the effect of "Scrap Chimera" to Special Summon "Scrap Beast", and you can summon this card.
  • You can use this card in a Heraldic deck which makes it easy to get 2 beast-type monsters out very quickly
  • This card is best used with "Diamond Dire Wolf". If you have two Level 4 Beast-type monsters on the field and 2 "Chain Dogs" in the graveyard, you can do the following combo:
  • This card's summoning condition can easily be fulfilled with "Rescue Cat".

1. Special Summon a "Chain Dog" from the Graveyard with its own effect. 2. Xyz Summon "Diamond Dire Wolf" with the first "Chain Dog" and one of your Beasts. 3. Special summon the second "Chain Dog". 4. Use the effect of "Dire Wolf", detaching the first "Chain Dog", destroying one of your other Beasts in addition to the opponent's card 5. Special Summon the first "Chain Dog" from the Graveyard. 6. Use both "Chain Dogs" for another Rank 4 Xyz Summon. That combo is an easy +2 in card advantage, since it needed two monsters on the field, and you end up with two Xyz Monsters while getting rid of two of your opponent's cards.

Traditional Format


  • Beast-Type Synchro Monsters that can use this card as Material:
 Japanese nameSecondary typeAttributeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Grizzly, the Red Star Beast赤色星獣グリズリーEARTH827002300
Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree神樹の守護獣-牙王EARTH1031001900
Lightning Tricornライトニング・トライコーンLIGHT828002000
Naturia Beastナチュル・ビーストEARTH522001700
Naturia Leodrakeナチュル・ガオドレイクEARTH930001800
The Fabled Kudabbi魔轟神獣クダベLIGHT422001100
The Fabled Unicore魔轟神獣ユニコールLIGHT423001000
Thunder Unicornサンダー・ユニコーンLIGHT522001800
Voltic Bicornボルテック・バイコーンLIGHT725002000
Zeman the Ape King猿魔王ゼーマンEARTH725001800

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