• This monster would work well in an "Infernity" deck. Being that essentially every effect requires you not have a hand anyways, this would ensure you can attack more easily.
  • This card is useful in Pendulum-based decks, as Pendulum Summoning often exhausts the hand, so this card can help replenish the hand bit by bit while providing raw offensive power.
  • Even if this card can't attack, 2100 ATK for a Level 4 monster is nothing to sneeze at, making it equal in strength, or even stronger, to most Level 5 monsters such as "Cyber Dragon", so it can act as an offensive barrier by simply sitting on the field.
  • Whether this card can attack or not, a clever strategy would be to set cards like "Rush Recklessly", "Shrink", "Inspiration", "Battleguard Rage", and other such cards to bait your opponent into attacking it with stronger monsters, allowing you to deal damage and draw cards. Adding a "Battle Mania" to the strategy will force your opponent to attack it, effectively allowing it to run over many monsters and giving you more cards in the process.
  • Since all "Celtic Guard" monsters are Level 4, when this card Special Summons one via its effect, you can overlay them for an instant Rank 4 Xyz Monster.

Traditional FormatEdit