• This card can easily be summoned using "Junk Synchron".
    • Additionally you can summon "Junk Servant" before Synchro Summoning to tribute it to deal 1500 damage.
  • Use this effect multiple times to dump many "Junk" Monsters into the graveyard. Then, summon "Junk Blader" and remove all the "Junk" Monsters to boost its attack
  • "Junk Giant" is a great card to use with this, as it is extremely easy to summon as long as there is at least one Level 5 or higher monster on your opponents field, allowing you to deal a solid 2000 Life Points of damage. This is amazing considering the rather costless nature of Giant's effect.
  • "Junk Berserker" makes a good tribute for this card as not only does it have high ATK but you can use "Wicked Rebirth" to bring him back for a total of 5400 damage.

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