• This card is good for "Dragunity" Decks, as they have up to 15 viable targets (3 of each card) and most of them work when they are in the graveyard.

Traditional FormatEdit


 Japanese namePrimary typeAttributeLevelATKDEF
Buster Whelp of the Destruction Swordsman破壊剣士の伴竜Effect MonsterLIGHT1400300
Debris Dragonデブリ・ドラゴンEffect MonsterWIND410002000
Destrudo the Lost Dragon's Frisson亡龍の戦慄-デストルドーEffect MonsterDARK710003000
Dragon Buster Destruction Sword破壊剣-ドラゴンバスターブレードEffect MonsterDARK1400300
Dragunity Aklysドラグニティ-アキュリスEffect MonsterWIND21000800
Dragunity Brandistockドラグニティ-ブランディストックEffect MonsterWIND1600400
Dragunity Corsescaドラグニティ-コルセスカEffect MonsterWIND1800700
Dragunity Darkspearドラグニティ-ブラックスピアEffect MonsterWIND310001000
Dragunity Kuseドラグニティ-クーゼEffect MonsterWIND21000200
Dragunity Phalanxドラグニティ-ファランクスEffect MonsterWIND25001100
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