• This card can combo well with Shrink or Half Shut, lowering your monsters' ATK temporarily and allowing you to draw 2 cards, even during your opponent's turn.
  • This card goes hand in hand with "Number 13: Embodiment of Crime" and "Number 31: Embodiment of Punishment". Their combined original ATK is a measly 1000, and your opponent takes battle damage when they battle. Plus, you can force your opponent's Monsters to attack them during your opponent's turn, which is normally the best time to activate this card.
  • Activate Alchemy Cycle before activating this card to not only guarantee that your monsters will be small enough for this card's effect, but also to garner you a third card due to Alchemy Cycle's effect.
  • You could use Zero Gardna's effect to protect your monster from destruction after.
  • Since the Yubels have 0 ATK, you can use this card.
  • Use this card when on your turn when you have two Karakuri monsters on your field as they will switch to Defense Position when they're attacked anyway (except Burei and Bureido).
  • Chain multiple copies of this card, to draw lots of cards at once. You suffer no extra negative effects!
  • Use this card with Grinder Golem to instantly get two cards when your opponent's turn starts.
  • Try using this card with low-ATK monsters that cannot be destroyed by battle (such as "Marshmallon" and "Spirit Reaper"). Whilst your opponent is unable to destroy your front row with their strongest monsters, you also don't suffer the drawback of not Summoning or changing your monsters' Battle Positions. (They are kept on the field, and you need solely to Set them in Defense Position)
  • This card works well in an Exodia deck since battles aren't a huge concern.
  • Since this is a Trap Card, it's best to activate it during your opponent's turn, since you can't really summon much of anything during their turn anyway, save for a few cards, so the drawback is mitigated.

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