• "Card Shuffle" works well with "Convulsion of Nature" as it allows you to both shuffle your opponent's deck once per turn if you want to keep them from getting a good card, as well as shuffle your own to prevent yourself from getting a bad one.
  • If you send a card back to the top of your deck with "Plaguespreader Zombie", you can shuffle your deck if you sent back a throwaway card, or one that you couldn't use right away.
  • If you sent a card back to the top of your opponent's deck with the effect of "Legendary Jujitsu Master", you can shuffle their deck to help ensure they don't use that card against you right away.
  • This card works well with "Recycle", as it allows you to now have a greater chance of getting the card you just put back into your deck.
  • If your opponent placed a card they wanted to the top of their Deck with "Deep Diver", "Field-Commander Rahz", or a similar card, you can use this card to shuffle it back down.

Traditional Format

  • Remember, in a tournament match you have 3 minutes to shuffle your deck, every time you shuffle your deck. This card can therefore be used to burn up time on the clock in a stall deck like "Self-Destruct Button", and then sided out after time is called to make room for burn cards to win in sudden death.

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