• Remember that this card gives a Card Advantage of -1, which means a disadvantage in terms of playing. In fact, after your whole hand is discarded, the same amount of cards discarded need to be drawn minus one (the "Card Destruction" just used), though your opponent will draw exactly the same amount of cards that was forced to discard from their hand.
  • Try to make your opponent's hand as large as possible for the best effect. A good card to use would be "Giant Trunade", as it will also get rid of potential Trap Cards your opponent may have played. (Just remember to reset your Traps and Spells first.)
  • If possible, Set any cards before using it.
  • This is a good card to use with "Greed" if there is a fairly small hand.
  • This card can be devastating if it played with "Magical Thorn" on the field.
  • Combine this card with a previously activated "Forced Requisition". If the same number cards as your opponent is discarded, they will lose their entire hand.
  • Use this card in an "Evil HERO" Deck so "Elemental HEROes" may be send to the Graveyard so they can be fused later. Drawing cards helps thin out your Deck, so the chances of drawing into "Dark Fusion" or "Dark Calling" are increased. If this card is going to run in an "Evil HERO" Deck, "Hand Destruction" and "Morphing Jar" might run in as well.
  • Use this card in a Zombie or a "Dark Armed Dragon" Deck or any of the kind that rely on Special Summons through monsters in the Graveyard to easily dump monsters in the Graveyard.
  • This card works great for Special Summons by sending powerful monsters to the Graveyard, but first playing cards like "Monster Reborn" face down and activating them after those cards were send to the Graveyard.
  • Combine this with "Dimensional Fissure" to banish monsters. This deprives your opponent of these monsters for good in most circumstances and can stop an "Forbidden One"/"Exodia" Deck.
    • In fact, this card alone can be a menace against "Forbidden One"/""Exodia" Decks, because if any of the pieces are lost because of this card, they are not the easiest to recover.
  • This card works great with a Dragon-themed Deck focused on "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon", because if your "Red-Eyes" is already on the field and "Card Destruction" is used. More Dragons added to your Graveyard, thus increasing the ATK of "Red-Eyes" due to its effect while also disrupting your opponent's strategy.
    • An alternate strategy uses "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon", getting the same strategy disruption while instead making it easier to Summon high-Level Dragons.
  • This card can ruin your opponents strategy if they're using an "Forbidden One"/"Exodia" Deck.
  • Use this card with cards like "Coffin Seller". By that way, 300 damage will be inflicted to your opponent for each monster they had on their hand when this card was activated.
  • A good combo is using this card with "Dimensional Fissure"/"Macro Cosmos" and "Return from the Different Dimension", to bring a swarm of monsters to your side of the field.
  • Use this card to dump as many of the "Gogogo" monsters (save "Gogogo Giant") as possible into the Graveyard to swarm the field en mass later. This can provide a setup for bigger Summons, such as an Xyz Summon or as Tribute fodder.
  • Use this card to get rid of your hand and start fresh if your hand is full of not-so-useful cards, giving you another chance to turn the Duel in your favor.

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