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  • "Call of the Haunted" can be very useful in combination with "Jinzo". For example, if your opponent activates "Heavy Storm", you can chain "Call of the Haunted" to Special Summon "Jinzo" before "Heavy Storm" resolves. Since "Jinzo" negates the effects of all face-up Trap Cards on the field, when "Call of the Haunted" is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard by "Heavy Storm", "Jinzo" is not destroyed, because the effect of "Call of the Haunted" is negated by "Jinzo".
    • Chain "Call of the Haunted" to an opponent's Trap and target "Jinzo". "Jinzo" will be Special Summoned and negate the opponent's Trap.
    • This will also work with monsters that negate Trap Card effects that target them, such as "Cyber Phoenix", as well as monsters that are immune to Trap Card effects, like "Elemental HERO Wildheart".
  • Like "Jinzo", "Tyrant Dragon" will negate the effect of "Call of the Haunted". He will then destroy it but he will not be destroyed since he negated its effect beforehand.
  • If your opponent activates "Mystical Space Typhoon" or another card that would destroy "Call of the Haunted", you can chain "Call of the Haunted" to Special Summon "Sangan". "Call of the Haunted" is destroyed and takes "Sangan" with it, activating its effect. The same also applies to "Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys". If "Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys" is destroyed by "Call of the Haunted", its Trigger effect will activate during your next Standby Phase.
  • Combo this card with "Ally of Justice Cyclone Creator" so that you can re-use this card if you revived "Sangan" or any other monster card that activates when it is sent to the Graveyard.
  • You can use this card to revive "Kuraz the Light Monarch" so you could use its effect to destroy itself and this card in order to draw 2 cards.
  • Chain this card when your opponent activates "Monster Reborn" on a monster in your graveyard.
  • Special Summoning a WIND monster and Tributing it for "Swift Birdman Joe" will let you return this card to your hand since the monster was not destroyed. You will be able to set it once more and activating it again after your turn.
  • During the Battle Phase, a monster that attacked can be Tributed in any manner (most simply with "Altar for Tribute" or "Mystic Wok") and be brought back with this card, enabling it to attack again.
  • This card works well with "Stardust Dragon". If an effect activates that destroys a card(s), "Stardust Dragon" will go to the Graveyard. When it comes back during the End Phase it will no longer be affected by "Call of the Haunted", and thus freed from its effect.
  • "Trap Stun" can help in summoning a monster prevent it from being affected by it being destroyed.
  • Use in conjunction with "Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast". First have it face-down on the field while "Chimera" is out. When "Chimera" gets destroyed, revive one of Fusion Material Monsters through its effect, then revive "Chimera" with "Call of the Haunted". So if it gets destroyed again, it'll allow you to revive another Material Monster. This will ensure you'll always have at least one Monster on the field.
  • You can use "Magic Planter" with this card, particularly if you are left with a useless copy on the field (when the Summoned monster leaves the field without being destroyed), or even if the monster you Summon has an effect that activates upon being destroyed (provided that it doesn't miss the timing).
  • Use "Mist Valley Falcon" to return this card to your hand for another use.
  • Use with "Trap Reclamation" and return Call of the haunted to your hand whenever it is destroyed.

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