• After summoning a Needle Token to your opponent's side of the field with this card, you can destroy that token with "Fragrance Storm" to draw a free card (or two if the first card drawn is a Plant-Type monster).
  • Make sure to summon this beforehand, but you can then combo "Black Garden" to summon a Rose Token with every monster this card battles and destroys.
  • Using "Shrink" will reduce your opponent's ATK making this effect more reliable.
  • Combine this card with "Seed Cannon" to generate many counters on "Seed Cannon" rapidly; you'll be able to use the burn effect of "Seed Cannon" at maximum efficiency soon.
  • Use this card as the first strike against your opponent's monsters so "Victory Viper XX03", "Falchionβ" etc. can use their effects more easily by destroying the "Needle Token" instead.
  • A small combo that can be used is with "Timeater" to have a "Needle Token" to destroy safely for it, if in fear of a card like "Sakuretsu Armor" or "Yomi Ship" may be used to protect or counter the attack.

Traditional Format

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