• If you can empty your Graveyard with this card's effect, you can Special Summon "Guardian Eatos" afterwards (assuming your deck only contain Gusto monsters).
  • After successfully executing the "Daigusto Sphreez" ramming loop (assuming your opponent has not yet defeated), you can end the loop by ramming "Gusto Thunbolt" to Special Summon this card (at the end of Battle Phase) to regain advantage. If "Limit Reverse" or "Call of the Haunted" were used, you can gain even more hand advantage.
  • If you have two copies of this card in your Graveyard, you can use the third copy to shuffle the first two into your Deck, ensuring you never run out of monsters in your Deck.
  • Although this card's effect is an instant +1, it is sometimes better for leaving some Gusto monsters in the Graveyard that, in particular:
  • Depending on the situation, some Gusto monsters have higher priority to be shuffled with this card's effect first, in particular:

Traditional Format

  • This card works very well with "Mind Master" equipped with "Telekinetic Charging Cell" or face-up "Brain Research Lab". Tribute a Psychic-type monster with "Mind Master's" effect to search out "Caam", then Tribute the first "Caam" to Summon the second and repeat until you have two "Caams" in your Graveyard. Use the third's ability to shuffle the other two back to the Deck, and draw a card. Then, you can tribute the third to repeat the whole process all over again, until you have all Exodia parts, a setup for OTK, or whatever you feel like. To ensure "Caam" is hitting the Graveyard, consider using "Hand Destruction" or some of Dark World support cards to discard any "Caam" drawn this way.

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