• Providing "Buster Dragon" is on the field, equip "Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword" to this card, to get a monster with hyper-ATK points.
    • Additionally, if you used "Dragoncaller Magician" as a Fusion Material, due to the latter's effect, it can almost guarantee winning the duel with just one attack.
  • Due to the numerous Dragon monsters with powerful activated effects and attack power, this card serves as the perfect counter for them, including monsters that would be extremely dangerous such as "Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon", "Cosmic Blazar Dragon", "Supreme King Z-ARC", "Supreme King Dragon Clear Wing", and even force them into Defense Mode, restricting their effects and attacks.
  • Because this card's effect prevents the opponent from activating any effects of Dragon monsters in their possession rather than just the ones on the field, this card prevents any card effects from a Dragon monster from activating from the opponent's hand, Deck, or even the Graveyard, further restricting cards like "Masked Dragon", "Starving Venom Fusion Dragon", "Zefraxa, Flame Beast of the Nekroz", "Odd-Eyes Lancer Dragon", etc.
    • Furthermore, this can prevent Dragon Pendulum Monsters that have the effect of being placed on the Pendulum Zone upon destruction in the Monster Zone from being activated as well, thus avoiding major headaches those monsters would cause otherwise with their Pendulum effects.