• While "Buster Dragon" is face-up on the field, its effect can be used to equip a Dragon-Type "Destruction Sword" monster from your Graveyard to this card, then during your next turn, use this card's effect to destroy all of your opponent's monsters. If a non-Pendulum Monster was destroyed, that monster can be equipped to this card, then use "Release Restraint Wave" to destroy all your opponent's Set Spells and Traps.
  • Not only can this card be equipped with Destruction Sword cards and opponent's monsters that it destroys in battle, you can include other monsters with effects which allow them to equip themselves to this card such as "Armor Breaker" to further expand this card's repertoire.
  • This card can be very effective against an opponent's "A-to-Z" monsters. Not only can it equip any of the destroyed "Union" monsters to itself and prevent the opponent from using them as Fusion Materials, but it will also gain the protection effects that they give to monsters they are equipped to. Note, however, that this only applies to the "ABC" and "YZ" Union monsters. Other Union monsters have out-of-date Union effects that states they must be equipped via their own effects to grant the protection from destruction, not only equipped to a monster by any means.

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