• A good potential target for this card is "Bujintei Susanowo"; while its ATK isn't tremendously high, its ability to attack every monster the opponent controls works perfectly with this card's banishing effect. When played right, these two cards together can cut swaths of monsters of an opponent's Deck and potentially cripple unprepared opponents.
    • Note that the highest ATK monster that can use this card to its fullest (without boosting its ATK) is "Bujinki Amaterasu", and thus the highest ATK that can be banished with this effect is 2600. With the application of "Bujingi Crane", this card can be used to banish monsters with ATK up to 5200. This can be further boosted by the card effects of "Bujingi Sinyou", "Honest" or "Lumenize".
  • Use any "Bujin" together with "Bujingi Swallow" to take out multiple cards in one turn with less setup.

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