• Seeing as this card does not prevent you from Setting monsters, so even though you cannot Normal Summon you can still fill your field out before this card's effect wears off.
  • Activate this card after you have temporarily Banished a monster in such a way that it would soon 'return' to the field. Returning after being previously removed from the field is not considered summoning, therefore it is the only way you can control monsters on the field during the 'summoning freeze' wrought by this card's effect.
  • This card can also be chained to any effects that would inflict damage to you (and/or your opponent) and render you (and your opponent) immune to them.
  • Try to have "Tyrant's Temper" or monsters with immunity to the effects of trap cards such as "Elemental HERO Wildheart" on the field before you activate this card. They will remain on the field after this card resolves. Note that monsters returned to the hand by this card's effect are not targeted.

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