• This card is ideal for stalling in "Ice Barrier" Decks.
  • You can Summon two "Big Jaws", and if they attack, they won't get banished with their own effects.
  • You can Special Summon 2 Level 3 Fish from your Graveyard, and then Normal Summon "Spear Shark" to increase their Levels to 4. This can help bring out cards such as "Number 32: Shark Drake" very easily.


  • Level 3 or lower WATER monsters that can be Special Summonned:
 Japanese namePrimary typeTypeLevelATKDEF
Altergeist Meluseekオルターガイスト・メリュシークEffect MonsterSpellcaster1500300
AmebaアメーバEffect MonsterAqua1300350
Aquaactress Guppyアクアアクトレス・グッピーEffect MonsterAqua2600600
Aquaactress Tetraアクアアクトレス・テトラEffect MonsterAqua1300300
Atlantean Attack Squad海皇の突撃兵Effect MonsterSea Serpent314000
Atlantean Heavy Infantry海皇の重装兵Effect MonsterSea Serpent201600
Atlantean Marksman海皇の狙撃兵Effect MonsterSea Serpent314000
Atlantean Pikeman海皇の長槍兵Normal MonsterSea Serpent214000
Beautunaful Princess鰤っ子姫Effect MonsterFish100
Beelze Frog悪魔ガエルEffect MonsterAqua31200800
Big Jawsビッグ・ジョーズEffect MonsterFish31800300
Bixi, Water of the Yang Zing水竜星-ビシキEffect MonsterWyrm202000
Blizzard Warriorブリザード・ウォリアーEffect MonsterWarrior31400400
Blizzed, Defender of the Ice Barrier氷結界の番人ブリズドEffect MonsterAqua1300500
Blue Dustonブルー・ダストンEffect MonsterFiend101000
Bolt Penguinボルト・ペンギンNormal MonsterThunder31100800
Botanical Girlボタニティ・ガールEffect MonsterPlant313001100
Cannonball Spear Shellfish砲弾ヤリ貝Effect MonsterAqua210001000
Caravan of the Ice Barrier氷結界の輸送部隊Effect MonsterSea Serpent1500200
Change Slimeチェンジ・スライムNormal MonsterAqua1400300
Chemicritter Hydron Hawk化合獣ハイドロン・ホークEffect MonsterWinged Beast21400700
Chrysalis DolphinC・ドルフィーナEffect MonsterFish2400600
Cloudian - Poison Cloud雲魔物-ポイズン・クラウドEffect MonsterFiend301000
Cloudian - Sheep Cloud雲魔物-羊雲Effect MonsterFairy100
Cloudian - Smoke Ball雲魔物-スモークボールNormal MonsterFairy1200600
Creeping Doom Manta忍び寄るデビルマンタEffect MonsterFish313001200
Crowned by the World Chalice星杯を戴く巫女Normal MonsterSpellcaster202100
Cryomancer of the Ice Barrier氷結界の術者Effect MonsterAqua213000
Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise宝玉獣 エメラルド・タートルEffect MonsterAqua36002000
Crystal Seer水晶の占い師Effect MonsterSpellcaster1100100
Crystron Citree水晶機巧-シトリィEffect MonsterMachine2500500
Crystron Prasiortle水晶機巧-プラシレータEffect MonsterMachine25002000
Crystron Quan水晶機巧-クオンEffect MonsterMachine1500500
Crystron Rion水晶機巧-リオンEffect MonsterMachine3500500
Crystron Smiger水晶機巧-スモーガーEffect MonsterMachine310001800
Crystron Thystvern水晶機巧-シストバーンEffect MonsterMachine315001500
Cursed Figカースド・フィグEffect MonsterPlant1200200
Darkbishop ArchfiendダークビショップデーモンEffect MonsterFiend33001400
Deep Diverディープ・ダイバーEffect MonsterAqua310001100
Deep Sea Diva深海のディーヴァEffect MonsterSea Serpent2200400
Deepsea Macrotrema深海の大ウナギEffect MonsterFish1600100
Defender of the Ice Barrier氷結界の守護陣Effect MonsterAqua32001600
Dewdark of the Ice Barrier氷結界の水影Effect MonsterAqua21200800
Don Turtle首領亀Effect MonsterReptile311001200
Drill Barnacleドリル・バーニカルEffect MonsterAqua33000
Duck DropperダックドロッパーEffect MonsterWinged Beast100
Dupe Frog魔知ガエルEffect MonsterAqua21002000
Elemental HERO Ice EdgeE・HERO アイスエッジEffect MonsterWarrior3800900
Enchanting Mermaid恍惚の人魚Normal MonsterFish31200900
Eria the Water Charmer水霊使いエリアEffect MonsterSpellcaster35001500
... further results

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