• This card works exceptionally well in a Gradius Games Deck. The deck type lacks draw power, and this card adds on to the effects of the Starships that activate when they destroy a card by battle. "Lord British Space Fighter" is a good choice; with its double-attacking effect you can draw 2 cards and summon a token (or destroy a set card) by destroying two of your opponent's monsters by battle. (Of course, since "Lord British" has a rather low ATK, it would be useful to use "Honest" or some other ATK-boosting card with it to achieve this effect.)
  • You can also use cards like "Giant Trunade" to return this card to your hand, preventing it from being destroyed and allowing you to use it again.
  • This card is perfect to use on Armed Protector Dragon" after you make it a Machine-Type monster with an effect like "DNA Surgery".

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