• If you plan on using either this card or "Centrifugal Field" but not both, consider the differences in their effects. "Centrifugal Field" only works when the Fusion Monster is destroyed by an effect, while this card also works with destruction in battle. Also...
    • "Branch!" can revive any monster used as Fusion Material for that Fusion Monster. This can revive Fusion Substitute Monsters and monsters that aren't specifically named, which "Centrifugal Field" cannot do.
    • "Centrifugal Field" can revive any Fusion Material monster written in the destroyed card's text. Unlike "Branch!"'s effect, this works even if the Fusion Monster was not Fusion Summoned.
  • Getting a monster back is very helpful in cases where you decided to use that monster in a Fusion Summon to get it out of the way -- e.g. to defy cards such as "Ekibyo Drakmord" or "Nightmare Wheel". When your monster comes back, the opponent's card will be gone.
  • This card works well with "Fusion Recovery", providing that you have more than one copy of the Fusion Monster in your Extra Deck.

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