• The card effect of "Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude" could be used, in order to bypass the cost of this card, and then activate it in your next Standby Phase.
  • Use this card with a "Monarch" monster to gain massive card advantage, by Tributing the selected opponent's monster.

Pre-Errata (Traditional Format)

  • Use this card at the start of your turn to steal your opponent's "Stardust Dragon", then Summon "Exiled Force". Attack with both, and during your Main Phase 2, Tribute "Exiled Force" to destroy "Stardust Dragon".


 Japanese nameLevelAttributeATKDEF
Akz, the Pumerピューマン6EARTH1,5001,000
Aqua Spirit水の精霊 アクエリア4WATER1,6001,200
Arcana Force EX - The Dark RulerアルカナフォースEX-THE DARK RULER10LIGHT4,0004,000
Arcana Force EX - The Light RulerアルカナフォースEX-THE LIGHT RULER10LIGHT4,0004,000
Arcanite Magician/Assault Modeアーカナイト・マジシャン/バスター9LIGHT9002,300
Archlord Zerato大天使ゼラート8LIGHT2,8002,300
Armed Dragon LV10アームド・ドラゴン LV1010WIND3,0002,000
Armed Dragon LV7アームド・ドラゴン LV77WIND2,8001,000
The AtmosphereThe アトモスフィア8WIND1,000800
Aztekipede, the Worm Warriorジャイアントワーム4EARTH1,900400
... further results

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