• This card works wonders in a Rock-based deck, since your monsters are likely to have higher DEF and lower ATK than any your opponent summons. Make sure to include lots of Rock-based monsters that can flip themselves face-down again, such as Guardian Sphinx and Moai Interceptor Cannons, because your own monsters will be destroyed if the opponent controls no monsters. Combined with Des Lacooda, it will not be hard to upkeep the activation requirements.
  • This card is useful in a Spirit deck, due to the effect of Spirit monsters keeping your field empty and your hand full.
  • You can have 4 cards in your hand at the End Phase of your own turn--at the start of your next turn, you draw a card before the Standby Phase, putting you at 5 cards and preventing this card from destroying itself.
  • Strive to have Kaiser Colosseum and Minor Goblin Official also in your hand, along with Chorus of Sanctuary, as Chorus of Sanctuary enables any deck to work, Goblin Official does 500 direct damage during the opponent's Standby Phase, and Kaiser Coliseum makes it actually better to have only one monster on the field, as your opponent can only play as many monsters as you have.
  • Use this card along with Imperial Custom to prevent it from being destroyed by its own effect.

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