• This combo will only work if you have the right amount of "B.E.S." cards. If you control any "B.E.S." alongside "Boss Rush", use "Limiter Removal", so that when the affected monster is destroyed, you can summon another "B.E.S." from the Deck.
  • This card can easily backfire if your opponent bounces or banishes your monsters instead of destroying them. Make sure to have cards to remove "Boss Rush" if this happens.
  • The effects of multiple "Boss Rush" stack, but remember that you only need to have one "B.E.S." monster destroyed each turn. Therefore, if you have 2 copies of "Boss Rush" on the field, Special Summon "B.E.S. Big Core MK-2" or "MK-3" and any other "B.E.S." monster. The former will gain shields and remain on the field, while the latter will trigger "Boss Rush" after a single battle, since it will have no shields.
  • In a deck based around this card, be sure to include copies of cards like "The Tricky", "Cyber Dragon" and "Tragoedia" - monsters that can Special Summon themselves. They can provide Tribute fodder, help press an attack, or stall for time if you have "Boss Rush" on-field but no "B.E.S." monsters.
    • Alternately, use Trap Monsters to defend your Life Points. They can also serve as Tribute fodder for your monsters "B.E.S." and "Big Core" in the event that they are removed from the field without being destroyed.
  • "B.E.F. Zelos" can provide the monsters Special Summoned by this card with a counter in order to let them survive longer.