• You can use "Machine Duplication" to summon 2 more copies of this card, then use a card such as "Double Summon" to play a single Gadget and get 6000 more ATK points. From here, you can attack with all of them, then Xyz Summon "Gagaga Cowboy" in Defense Position to inflict 800 damage to finish the game (assuming all of your attacks were direct attacks), and/or you could play "Limiter Removal" for huge damage.
  • Have him summoned on the field with an active "Weapon Change" (make sure that no Gadgets have been summoned with him just yet). Use "Weapon Change" during your Standby Phase to switch his 0 ATK with his 2000 DEF to give him 2000 ATK. THEN summon a Gadget monster in your Main Phase; his effect then activates and he gains the 2000 ATK for the Gadget, making him 4000 ATK. From here, you can activate a "Limiter Removal" to pump him up to 8000 ATK.

Traditional Format

  • You can summon this card in Attack mode, then activate "Ultimate Offering" during your opponent's Battle Phase to summon a Gadget and take your opponent by surprise.

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