• Use this card with "Luminous Spark" and other cards to boost the ATK of it and the Token(s).
  • Combo this card with "United We Stand" to make its ATK go up each time it destroys a monster.
  • You can use this card with "Honest", to make sure you get a token.
  • If your opponent has a strong monster, a really great combo is to attack it, then activate "Limiter Removal" and special summon a Thunder Option Token. Then, if your opponent has another monster, activate "Creature Swap" giving control of your "Blue Thunder T-45" which will be destroyed at the End Phase for one of their monsters.
  • While this card creates moderately strong tokens with relative ease, they may sometimes confine your field. Though they can't be tributed for a tribute summon, you can use them to fuel the second effect of "Enemy Controller" or "Cyber Valley", or even deal damage with "Cannon Soldier".
  • If you aren't already using "Solidarity", "Honest", and other such attack modifying cards, you can probably give "Blue Thunder" a constant offensive advantage with "Burden of the Mighty".
  • This card can be revived by the effect of an equipped "Trigon". If you aren't using much Union support, "Cyber Dragon" is one of the best monsters to equip "Trigon" to (because of its self-summoning ability.)

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