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Easier Tribute Summons

Generic Tips

  • If using this card in a Deck with "Hieratic" monsters, you can combo their Normal Monster Special Summoning effect with "Inferno Reckless Summon" to Summon up to another 2 copies.
  • A perfect way to protect this card is with "Justi-Break", as it is a Normal Monster.
  • An easy first turn summon of this card can be conducted by having "Elemental HERO Prisma" And "Goblindbergh" in hand. First normal summon Goblindbergh then activate the cards effect to special summon Elemental HERO Prisma from hand. Activate Elemental HERO Prisma's effect revealing "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" and sending "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" to grave. Finally overlay Elemental HERO Prisma and Goblindbergh into "Daigusto Emeral" and use the effect to summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon from grave.

Traditional Format

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