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  • If this card is Summoned through standard methods or you get the materials back in the Graveyard, you may use "De-Fusion" to Summon back the 3 "Blue-Eyes White Dragons". This is best to be done during your Battle Phase after "Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon" attacks. An OTK is possible if you would have a clear field after attacking.
    • You could also do this during your Main Phase to ensemble the 3 "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" and activate "Delta Attacker" for a potential OTK.
    • Similar to the previous tip, you could use "Burst Stream of Destruction" instead of "Delta Attacker" in conjunction with this combo to similar effect.
    • You could also attack with 3 "Blue-Eyes White Dragons", fuse them during the same Battle Phase with "Super Polymerization" to "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", attack with it and then use "De-Fusion" for a potential OTK.
  • Use "Elemental HERO Prisma" to send "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" to the Graveyard. On your second turn, use "Prisma" again to send another "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" to the Graveyard. Use "Dragon's Mirror" to fuse the two "Blue-Eyes" in your Graveyard with "Prisma" on your field whose name is now treated as "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", into "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon".
  • If "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, Summon "Decoy Dragon" and force your opponent attack him (during cards such as "Staunch Defender" or "Battle Mania") (your opponent is not likely to attack it of their own volition). Then use the effect of "Decoy Dragon" and bring back the "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" easily.

Traditional Format

  • "Cyber-Stein" can be used to Summon "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" for the price of 5000 Life Points.
    • Taking into account the cost of "Cyber-Stein", you could also use "Megamorph" for a potential OTK. "Fairy Meteor Crush" or similar effects will help your chances.
    • If you have a "Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon" in your hand, you can Tribute the "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" to Summon it right away.
  • Use "Future Fusion" to Summon this card, and activate "Dragon's Mirror" to remove the 3 "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" in your Graveyard from play, and Summon another "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon". After this, activate "Return from the Different Dimension" to return the 3 "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" to your field, and then use a standard Fusion Method (such as "Polymerization") to Summon yet another "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" giving you an attack potential of 13500.
    • After using the previous tip or instead of using "Return from the Different Dimension", use "Burial from a Different Dimension" to return the 3 copies of "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" back into your Graveyard followed by using another "Dragon's Mirror" to Summon another "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" (if used after the previous tip, this assumes one was returned to your Extra Deck.)
    • Alternatively, you could use "Future Fusion" to instead Summon "Five-Headed Dragon" by sending 3 "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" and 2 other Dragon-Type monsters to the Graveyard and follow up with the remaining combo. It is also possible to still Summon all 3 "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragons", added with "Five-Headed Dragon" will give you an attack potential of 18500.

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