• Use "Forbidden Lance" to protect this card from the effects of spells and traps that would remove it from the field, such as "Compulsory Evacuation Device" or "Dimensional Prison". Due to the effects of this card, the loss of ATK due to "Forbidden Lance" is mostly irrelevant.
  • You can make an OTK with just 3 cards (5 or 6 cards counting the Materials to summon this card).
    • This card
    • Ojama Trio
    • All-Out Attacks or Battle Mania
      • While you control this Defense Position card during your opponent's turn (and no other monsters), activate "Ojama Trio", then Chain "All-Out Attacks" (or activate "Battle Mania", then Chain "Ojama Trio"). Your opponent must attack this card with each "Ojama Token". For each Token, your opponent will take 2000 battle damage, 1000 effect damage by this card effect, and 300 effect damage for each "Ojama Token" effect, making a total of 3300 damage for each "Ojama Token" and a total of 9900 damage.

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