• This card can be used to easily Xyz Summon Rank 1 to 4 Xyz Monsters that only require two Material Monsters.

Traditional Format


 Japanese namePrimary typeLevelATKDEF
Absorbing JarアブソーブポッドEffect Monster3600500
Alpha The Electromagnet Warrior電磁石の戦士αEffect Monster317001100
Alpha The Magnet Warrior磁石の戦士αNormal Monster414001700
Avatar of The Pot壺魔神Effect Monster312001300
Barrier Statue of the Drought干ばつの結界像Effect Monster410001000
Beta The Electromagnet Warrior電磁石の戦士βEffect Monster315001500
Beta The Magnet Warrior磁石の戦士βNormal Monster417001600
BlockmanブロックマンEffect Monster410001500
Charm of Shabtiシャブティのお守りEffect Monster1100100
Chronomaly Aztec Mask Golem先史遺産アステカ・マスク・ゴーレムEffect Monster415001000
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