• This card can be used to "freeze" the opponent's larger monsters, giving an extra turn in which to get rid of them.
  • A way to lock down the game with this card is to wait for your opponent to have one monster on the field, then Summon and use "Blizzard Dragon" to freeze the opponent's monster; once you do this, play "Kaiser Colosseum" so your opponent can't Normal Summon or Special Summon as long as you have "Blizzard Dragon" on the field.
  • Use "Blizzard Dragon" to lock down your opponent's monster your every turn in combination with burn cards. By having up to the maximum number of 3 "Blizzard Dragons", you can lock down up to 3 monsters on your opponent's field, and using in combination with "Penguin Soldier", or "Nightmare Penguin", you can return the fourth monster your opponent Summons.

Traditional Format

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