• This card can be combined with the effect of "Winged Rhynos" to ensure only your opponent's cards are destroyed.
  • This card is an excellent addition to a "Six Samurai" Deck, due to the myriad ways their effects can be used with this card to gain field advantage.
  • Use this card to destroy your own "Vortex Trooper" after Summoning it to draw another card without risking having the opponent destroy it.
  • This card has great synergy with "Crystal Beast" Decks. It allows an opponent's key cards to be destroyed while still maintaining field advantage.
  • This card's mechanics can be abused in many Yu-Gi-Oh! simulators, as they frequently automatically place cards in the middle column making this card's conditions easy to meet.
  • This can be useful if your opponent has a Link Summoned Link Monster and a Set Spell/Trap in the same column as this card. Because, if a Spell/Trap is Set in your Zone in this column, that Link Monster will be destroyed, rendering its Link Zones inaccessible to their Extra Deck monsters.

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