• This card is preferable to use in Burn decks - as opposed to more commonly used monsters such as "Newdoria" or "Man-Eater Bug" - for destroying your opponent's monster. There is a slight chance of them destroying this card in Equip Card form before the start of the next turn, but other than that, it is well worth the risk, as they not only lose a monster but take significant burn damage.
  • Because of the dual effect of monster destruction and burn damage this card has, it can work well in a Volcanic deck, despite not being a Pyro-type monster.
  • This card can be used in tandem with cards that give your opponent a powerful monster, such as "Grinder Golem" or "Lava Golem".
  • During your turn, after "Blast Sphere" has been equipped to an opponent's monster, use cards such as "Axe of Despair" or "Mage Power" to increase the amount of damage it inflicts.

Traditional Format

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