• You should use this card after you attack with a "Blackwing" monster to boost your "Blackwing" synchro monster's ATK.
  • Use "Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn's" Effect to make one of your "Blackwing"'s attack extremely high, then Tribute it for this card.
    • Target "Blackwing Armed Wing" with both ATK boosts for a potential OTK, regardless of the opponent's monsters. With only "Sirocco" and this card, you can reach 6300/6800, depending on the defending monster's battle position. Combined with 1 or more other "Blackwings", you could easily reach the 8000+ needed for an OTK.
      • Activate "Trap Stun" (or similar) to prevent "Magic Cylinder" from reflecting the OTK back on you, or any other Traps that might ruin your attack.

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