• Combine this card with "Ultimate Offering" and you get a "Blackwing" version of a Gadget OTK. As soon as you Normal Summon one "Blackwing" you can get another that has lower ATK than the monster that you just Normal Summoned.
  • When you control both "Royal Oppression" and this card, Normal Summon "Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North". Activate its Trigger Effect and this card's Trigger Effect at the same time. Per SEGOC, you can assign the effect of "Blizzard" to Chain Link 1 and this card's effect to Chain Link 2, which means "Royal Oppression" cannot respond to it. (You will need a "Blackwing" monster with less than 1300 ATK in your Deck to activate "Black Whirlwind".)
  • If you have a Field Spell that increases ATK of face-up monsters, you will be able to search out a monster that has less ATK than the monster with the modified ATK ("Mystic Plasma Zone" on a "Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame" will get any "Blackwing" non-Synchro Monster except "Blackwing - Kogarashi the Wanderer").
  • Since "Blackwings" are Winged Beast-Type monsters, the use of "Solidarity" along with this card can help you get any "Blackwing" monster.

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