• When using this card to search a Red-Eyes Spell or Trap card, use this effect to get "Red-Eyes Insight", and then use that card to get the wanted Spell or Trap Card. With that you get another Red-Eyes Monster in the Graveyard to use for other Effects.
  • You can use "Mask Change II" on this card to not only search a "Red-Eyes" card, but also summon "Masked HERO Dark Law" or "Masked HERO Anki".
  • "Release Restraint Wave", if this card is equipped, will trigger the effect of this card, as well as destroy your opponent's face-down Spells and Traps.
  • You can equip this card to any Fusion Monster Summoned through "Red-Eyes Fusion", since that monster's name becomes "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" after being Summoned. Also if that monster leaves the field, this card will be sent to the Graveyard and you can search for another "Red-Eyes Fusion".
  • Combine this card with "Crush Card Virus" to potentially wipe out most of your opponent's monsters while also triggering this card's search effect.
  • Combine this card with "Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords" to quickly summon "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon". By sending this card to the graveyard to summon a "Dragon Lord Token" thanks to the effect of "Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords", you can add "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" to your hand, and then banish the token to summon it. Then you can use the effect of "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" to summon this card, and equip it to "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" to power it up by 600 points if you don't have any other targets to summon.

Traditional FormatEdit

  • This card can be searched by "Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms" and "Last Will".
  • While this card is equipped to your "Red-Eyes" monster, activate "Heavy Storm" to destroy it and all other Spell/Trap cards on the field, and search a "Red-Eyes" card.
  • In a Graveyard Dragon Power Deck, this card can contribute to an OTK. While you control "Meteor Black Comet Dragon", this card, and "Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End", activate "Chaos Emperor Dragon's" effect. Use "Meteor Black Comet Dragon's" effect to Special Summon "Red-Eyes B. Dragon", and use this card's effect to search "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon". Special Summon "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon" and attack your opponent directly, ending the Duel.
    • As an alternative, you can activate "Last Will", and use "Chaos Emperor Dragon's" effect while you control this card. When your monsters are sent to the Graveyard, search "The Black Stone of Legend" with "Last Will's" effect, then use this card's effect to search "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon". Use "The Black Stone of Legend's" effect to Special Summon "Red-Eyes B. Dragon", tribute it to summon "Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon" and attack directly for an OTK.