• You can use this card's effect to prevent yourself from losing important cards when activating "Reasoning" by putting a monster you want to be drawn first.
  • This card can be very useful for getting the right cards in your second turn, a card included 3 times in your 40 card containing deck has 48% to be drawn in the first turn. Suppose you get this card in your first turn, but you need to draw another card that is included 3 times in your deck (and you didn't get that one the first turn), the chance it is included in your first eleven cards is 95% (including the 6 cards you got during your first turn). Thus you are almost certain to draw that specific card with this card's effect your next turn. A card included twice in your deck (containing 40 cards) has a 64% ratio to be included in your first 11 cards.
  • If you are losing by a wide margin, you can use this card to see the first card of your deck. Then, you can activate "Reversal Quiz" to call out the type of the card on top of your deck, and switch life points with your opponent.
  • If used correctly, you can use this card's effect to ensure you draw "Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One" when needed.
  • This card is a good addition to an Exodia Deck.
  • This card can be excellent help to "Berserker Soul", as it can place any monsters on top while placing the Spells/Traps down, enabling you to use "Berserker Soul" with greater efficiency.

Traditional Format

Video Games

  • In Tag Force 2, you can use this card's effect to place "Slash Draw" as one of the top 5 cards in your deck to appropriately perform "Slash Draw's" effect without fail.

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