• Equipping this card to "D.D. Survivor" will partially negate the downside of playing "Big Bang Shot", as "D.D. Survivor" is Special Summoned at the End Phase of a turn that it is banished.
    • This also works with Reborn Tengu, letting you get the other copy if it is removed.
  • Equip this card to monsters that need to deal battle damage for their effect to activate (like "Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer"). They benefit from the raised ATK as well as from the piercing damage ability.
  • If this card is equipped to an opponent's monster, combo with numerous cards to destroy this card and banish the equipped monster as a result.
    • Combo with "Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar" to essentially banish 1 face-up monster your opponent controls each turn.
    • Combo with "Mist Valley Falcon" for the same result as above (though you must attack with "Mist Valley Falcon" each turn).

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