• Combo with "Chain Energy" to act as a deterrent for opponent returning their monsters to the field.
  • Combo with "Tyrant's Temper" to prevent your cards from being returned to your hand.
  • Use this card if your Deck focuses on suicide strategies.
  • Use this in Spirit monster Decks, since your monsters will return to the hand anyways.
  • Use this card in "Artifact" Decks, since you can Set your monsters again to activate their effects later.
  • Use cards with discard effects, such as "Robbin' Goblin" or "Don Zaloog", to provide a form of permanent removal for your opponent's monsters that return to the hand.
  • Combo with a monster that has low ATK, yet can attack multiple times per Battle Phase (such as "Hayabusa Knight" or "Jurrac Monoloph"), along with a card that prevents it from being destroyed by battle (such as "Mist Body" or "Safe Zone"). This can clear the way for your own direct attacks with other monsters.

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