• Note that this card's ATK increase is permanent so long as the monster remains face-up.
  • Banished Tuner monsters due to "Battle Tuned", like "Krebons", can be Special Summoned with cards like "Escape from the Dark Dimension". This combination can help you perform multiple Synchro Summons during the same turn.
    • If you removed a Psychic-Type Tuner monster, you can return that monster to your hand with "Psychic Path".
  • A strong point of this card is the fact that its rather easy to splash into archetypes that already feature ways to get ATK boosts. "Blackwing" Decks, for example have "Kalut", as well as a nice Tuner range to fuel this card. Since "Kalut" is also easy to get back to your hand in a build centered around it, this stacking of ATK boosts can easily lead to an OTK.
    • Honest can easily be used in any LIGHT strategy that Synchros in the same way.
  • This works well in "Scrap" deck since their Tuner monsters have high ATK.

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