• This card combines excellently with "Mirror Force" (to destroy their attack position mons) and Ghost of a Grudge (to inflict massive amounts of damage to them, as well as potentially eliminate their monsters).
  • If your opponent has no monsters on their field, a good combo with this card is to have at least two monsters on the field (at least one with higher than 2000 ATK points), then activate Nightmare Archfiends to Tribute the lower ATK point monster to summon 3 Nightmare Archfiend Token to your opponent's field, forcing them to enter battle, even if they do not summon their own monsters that turn, and attack your 2000+ATK monster with the Tokens, additionally causing them to receive 2400 Effect Damage, possibly causing an OTK. Beware that as Battle Mania has to be activated in the opponent's Standby Phase, the opponent can still make use of their Nightmare Tokens for a Summon for a higher ATK monster (such as Tribute Sumon or Synchro Summon).
  • Use this card with "Waboku" to prevent your monster from being destroyed in the event that it cannot survive battle with one or more of your opponent's monsters, and to ensure you do not take battle damage.
  • This Card is perfect with "The Unhappy Girl" allowing you to take no damage, but since they attacked "The Unhappy Girl", your opponent's monsters will be unable to attack anymore.
  • Use this card while you have a "Canyon" and an "Exxod Master of the Guard" as your only monster in Defense Position on your side of the field. Then your opponent will be forced to attack it and take twice the Battle Damage. It will be unlikely that your opponent will be able to defeat it unless with a card effect.
  • Use this card with "Worm Solid" if you have enough reptiles in your graveyard. Then you'll have a "Harpie's Feather Duster" effect and deal damage to your opponent.
  • Have 3 "Skull-Mark Ladybugs" on your side of the field, activate "Battle Mania", if your opponent has 3 monsters attacking, you will be regaining 3000 life points.
  • This card works perfect with "Lemon Magician Girl", "Apple Magician Girl", and "Chocolate Magician Girl", as their effects only activate if they are attacked. This will allow you to summon another Spellcaster-Type monster from your hand or Graveyard, redirect the attack to the new monster, and halve the attacking monster, which may likely result in the attacking monster being destroyed by battle.
    • Be warned though, as the "Magician Girls" can only use their effect once per turn.
    • "Berry Magician Girl" can also be useful as she can bring out another Magician Girl from your Deck when she is attacked.

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