• Since this card will be banished when it is Special Summoned with its own effect, cards like "Dimensional Alchemist" can return this card to your hand.
  • This card can cause your opponent's donation of their Gemini Summoned "Duck Dropper" to backfire. Once they attack you, you can use this card's effect to end the Battle Phase and summon this card. On your own turn, you can use at least these two monsters to set up a Link Summon.
  • In a Ritual Deck, this card can be used as a quick setup. It can stall for a turn while giving yourself access to a Level 1 monster to use as a Tribute. This, alongside any Level 4 monster and "Djinn Releaser of Rituals", grants yourself a powerful Level 8 Ritual Monster that blocks your opponent from Special Summoning.
  • This card is a useful tech in "Solidarity" Decks utilizing a different type, as it will be banished when it leaves the field, so it won't interfere with the Graveyard.
  • Since this card will often stay on the field until your next turn, consider combining it with the second effect of "Cyber Valley" to draw 2 cards.
  • When this card is sent to the Banished Zone, the effect of "Trance Archfiend" can be used to put "Battle Fader" back to your hand and reuse this card the very same turn.

Traditional Format

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