• If this card is attacked and flipped face-up, you can Special Summon "Batteryman D" because of its high DEF, to block more attacks.
  • This card is effectively a +1.

Traditional Format


  • Level 4 or lower Batteryman monsters that can be Special Summoned from the Deck other than "Batteryman Micro-Cell":
 Japanese namePrimary typeTypeAttributeLevelATKDEF
Batteryman 9-Volt電池メン-角型Effect MonsterThunderLIGHT410001000
Batteryman AA電池メン-単三型Effect MonsterThunderLIGHT300
Batteryman AAA電池メン-単四型Effect MonsterThunderLIGHT400
Batteryman C電池メン-単二型Effect MonsterThunderLIGHT200
Batteryman D電池メン-単一型Effect MonsterThunderLIGHT101900

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