• Using this card's effect gives the Summoning requirements for "Batteryman Fuel Cell". Summon one "AAA", Special Summon the other in defense position, and special summon "Fuel Cell". Then, tribute the Attack Position Normal Summoned "AAA" to bounce one of your opponent's cards. Alternatively, instead of bouncing your opponent's cards, you can activate "Short Circuit".
  • You can use "Batteryman D" to protect this card from being attacked while in Attack Position.
  • You can also use this card's effect to gather monsters in order to activate "Short Circuit" more easily.
  • This card allows you to instantly Summon "Guardian of Order" and/or "Batteryman Fuel Cell".
  • Remember that "Batteryman AAA" can only Special Summon another copy from the Graveyard or your hand, not your Deck.
  • If you Normal Summon "AAA" to use its effect, you can use "Creature Swap" or "Mystic Box" to leave your opponent with a 0 ATK monster in Attack Position.
  • Try setting this card. Then, when it is attacked, you can Special Summon another from your Graveyard.
  • "Batteryman AAA" is a very easy way to Xyz Summon a Rank 4 Xyz Monster.

Traditional Format

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