• This card is a great partner with "Copycat", if "Copycat" mimics a powerful monster.
    • Or with "Relinquished", if it's got a powerful monster equipped.
  • "Triangle Power" is another card that is useful when using this card.
  • This card can allow "Meklord Emperor" monsters to attack directly.
    • Equip the "Meklord Emperor" with an opponent's Synchro Monster for increased damage.
    • Use "Double Attack" with the "Meklord Emperor" for increased damage.
  • This card can allow "Tragoedia" to attack directly after its Level becomes 1.
  • Special Summon a "Malus Token" from "The Golden Apples" and have this card allow it to attack your opponent directly to deal the same battle damage you took.
  • Use "Photon Veil" to add three "Watapon" to your hand and Special Summon them to Xyz Summon this card.
  • Notice that this card's effect, unlike most other Xyz Monsters', can be activated more than once per turn.
  • Use the effect of "Cybernetic Magician" to raise the ATK power of any Level 1 monster to 2000 and chain with "Baby Tiragon" to attack directly.

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