• This card's weakness works very well with "By Order of the Emperor", since the latter card can prevent this card's destruction while also providing more cards.
  • "Dimension Guardian" is very useful for protecting this card from its own effect, as well as other means of destruction.
  • Use this card with "Tour of Doom", as you may have a chance to stop your opponent from Normal Summoning.
  • This card is usable in a "Meklord" Deck, since the "Meklord Emperor" monsters can Special Summon themselves when this card is destroyed.
  • This card can be Tributed alongside "Hardened Armed Dragon" for the Tribute Summon of "The Tyrant Neptune". By choosing to mimic this card with the effect of "The Tyrant Neptune", one can ensure that "The Tyrant Neptune" won't be destroyed whenever the opponent Normal Summons a monster, due to the effect of "Hardened Armed Dragon".

Traditional Format

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