• Out of all the "Artifact" monsters, this one has the most Splashable effect as well as a passable ATK for a Level 5 monster (comparable to "Cyber Dragon"). As such, out of all existing artifacts, "Moralltach" has the most potential to fit into Decks other than devoted "Artifact" builds.
  • Remember that any effect which Special Summons this card during your opponent's turn will trigger its destructive effect. Cards like "Miraculous Descent", "Call of the Haunted", "A Hero Emerges" or "Celestial Transformation" can all Summon this card during the opponent's turn.
    • One can combo this card with "Celestial Transformation" (which will reduce its ATK to 1150 upon being Summoned) and "Inferno Reckless Summon" to clear up to 3 of the opponent's face-up cards while also swarming the field with monsters. (This no longer works due to "Moralltech" being Limited.)

Traditional Format

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