• Use this card's second effect to interfere with your opponent's effects that add cards from their Deck or Graveyard to their hand.
  • If you activate this card's 2nd effect, and Special Summon "Protector of the Sanctuary" (OR, activate the effect of "Droll & Lock Bird", assuming the action this Chain responded to was your opponent adding a card(s) from their Deck to their hand via a card effect) as a higher Chain Link in the same Chain, this combo will leave your opponent with no hand.
  • "Tethys, Goddess of Light" works well with this card. Not only is "Tethys" a Level 5 Fairy that can be used to Xyz Summon "Durendal", its effect works well with this card's second effect: you can reveal the Fairies you draw with "Durendal" to get more draws with "Tethys".
  • Use this card's first effect on "Tiras, Keeper of Genesis" so that it does not detach an xyz material during the end phase and you will get to pop a spell/trap.
  • When your opponent actives a Ritual Spell Card, you can chain this card's second effect to potentially remove the corresponding Ritual Monster or any Tribute fodder from the opponent's hand before that Ritual Spell resolves. This may backfire with "Nekroz" Decks, however.
  • When your opponent attacks with a weaker LIGHT monster, they may use "Honest" to turn the tide of the battle; this card's second effect can be used to try to get rid of it.
  • You can use this card's first effect on your own cards to essentially turn them into "Mystical Space Typhoons".

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