• This card along with "Aromage Rosemary", "Humid Winds", and "Aroma Garden", create the ideal opening hand.
    • Normal Summon "Jasmine", play "Aroma Garden" and use its effect. Due to this card's effects, you will now be able to draw a card and Normal Summon "Rosemary" from your hand. Normal Summon "Rosemary" and then Set "Humid Winds". During your opponent's Draw Phase, activate "Humid Winds" to search out an "Aroma" monster. You can then chain "Humid Winds" and use its second effect, gaining 500 LP. This will trigger "Rosemary" and "Jasmine", allowing you to draw another card and using the effect of "Rosemary" to switch "Jasmine" into DEF mode. "Jasmine" will at this point have 2400 DEF, and "Rosemary" will have 2300 ATK.

Traditional Format

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