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Good Target Monsters to equip Armory Arm to:

  • You can equip this card to your opponent's monster. Every time it destroys one of your monsters by battle, your opponent will take the burn damage because you control the "Armory Arm" and it inflicts damage to your opponent regardless of who controls the equipped monster.
    • Colossal Arms OTK - This requires 1 "Colossal Fighter" and 1 "Armory Arm" on your side of the field, and 1 "Colossal Fighter" in your Graveyard (It can't be the same Colossal Fighter, or "Armory Arm" will resolve without effect). Equip "Armory Arm" to a monster your opponent controls that will end up with more ATK points than that of "Colossal Fighter" (at the very least, your opponent's monster will need over 1800 ATK). With "Colossal Fighter", attack the monster equipped with "Armory Arm". "Colossal Fighter" will be destroyed, "Armory Arm's" effect will activate and then "Colossal Fighter's" effect will form a chain. During resolution of the chain, "Colossal Fighter's" effect will Special Summon the other "Colossal Fighter" that was already in the Graveyard, then "Armory Arm" will deal damage to your opponent equal to "Colossal Fighter's" ATK. Repeat the process by attacking again with the newly Special Summoned "Colossal Fighter". Due to the new rulings this does NOT work any more however this combo would still work if you have 2 Colossal Fighters, one in the grave one on the field and rotate between the two of these instead of reviving them with their own effect.
    • Howling Arms OTK - This requires "Howling Insect", "Armory Arm", and a Field Spell Card (preferably "Forest", "Gaia Power" or "Mystic Plasma Zone" to increase your monster's ATK) on your side of the field, "Earthbound Immortal Uru" in your hand, and two "Howling Insects" and one "Pinch Hopper" in your Deck. You also need a way to give at least a 400 point ATK boost to one of your monsters. Equip "Armory Arm" to a monster your opponent controls that will end up with more ATK points than "Howling Insect" (this will need to be over 200 with no boost or over 700 with "Gaia Power" in play). Attack the monster equipped with "Armory Arm" with "Howling Insect". "Armory Arm" will deal damage to your opponent and "Howling Insect" will allow you to Special Summon another one from your Deck. Continue attacking your opponent's monster with your "Howling Insects" until you destroy your last one and Special Summon your "Pinch Hopper" from your Deck. Attack the monster with "Pinch Hopper" and use its effect to Special Summon "Earthbound Immortal Uru" from your hand. Attack your opponent directly with "Earthbound Immortal Uru" for the win. (1200 x 3 + 1000 + 3000 + 400* = 8000) Note that if the monster you equipped "Armory Arm" to has at least 2150 ATK and "Earthbound Immortal Uru" is getting the ATK boost, you will need over 8000 Life Points to pull this off.
  • Equip this card to Evil HERO Inferno Wing or any monster with at least one of his effects to inflict a big amounts of damage.
  • This card is also an excellent Equip card for monsters like "Berserk Dragon", "Tyrant Burst Dragon", "Ultimate Tyranno", etc. due to their effects that allow them to attack every monster your opponent controls, once each.
  • Equip this card to "Nitro Warrior". If you played a spell that turn, you'll have a 4800 ATK monster that can attack twice (under most circumstances) with burn damage.
  • This card works very well with "Black Rose Dragon". Since it calculates the destroyed monster's ATK in the graveyard, if you use Black Rose Dragon's effect, you will both deal a lot of battle damage to the opponent with Black Rose Dragon (or if it is equipped with "Thorn of Malice", and then Armory Arm's effect will inflict even more damage to the opponent.
  • Equip this card to "Infernity Destroyer" if you have no cards in your hand to decrease your opponent's Life Point dramatically.

Ways to Synchro Summon this card:

  • If you have "Totem Dragon" in the graveyard and no monsters on the field during your standby phase, special summon it and then normal summon "Magna Drago" to synchro summon "Armory Arm". (And if you have "Double Summon" in your hand, play it to summon another dragon to equip Armory Arm to or remove the dragon from play to special summon "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon" then equip Armory Arm to Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon to do some damage.
  • In a deck using "Junk Synchron", you can summon "Junk Synchron" and use his effect to Special Summon a Level 1 monster such as "Level Eater" or "Tuningware" to easily Synchro Summon for "Armory Arm".

Other Tips:

Traditional Format

Ways to Synchro Summon this card:

Good Target Monsters to equip Armory Arm to:

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